A little information about me.

My name is John Lewis and I am a photographer living in Banbridge, County Down. I have been in love with photography all my life. My first SLR camera was a Russian made, (built like a tank) Zenith B. from that very basic camera grew an interest that has spanned over four decades.

I was born in Belfast and grew up in North Belfast, during some very turbulent times. But even so it was still possible to learn and grow in places like the YMCA camera club and the Amateurs Nook. A foundation I have built on as I transitioned from film to digital.

I believe passionately in the power of a photograph to influence opinion and initiate change. even the most offensive and vilest events must be documented for future generations.

I love sharing my passion with others. Learning and sharing together is the aim of our Camera Club at Ballydown. All aspects of photography are covered including the hard and soft skills required to make good images. From Photoshop to f stops, all are covered.
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